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Composition Portfolio and Highlights Reel

The video features 15 minutes of curated material. Follow the brown and blue buttons below for scores and full-length videos.

Sample One
almanac (2022)

For 48 musicians

Part of a series of public music workshops, engaging Ann Arbor Community musicians. No score exists for this one (no conductor, just recorded this yesterday!) but I've included parts so you can see the notation.

Sample Two
awakening, debt

for four performers

An evening length electroacoustic work, using MAX, saxophone quartet, and performance art elements. The libretto was written collaboratively with Corey Smith and Nadine Dyskant-Miller. The piece is based on the folk tunes "Barbara Allen" and "The Dying Cowboy". No score, but sax part included.

Sample Three

An acoustic installation for 17 musicians

An acoustic installation, premiered March 2021 online. Written to be performed in a gallery (in this case, the Gallery at 333 Midland in Detroit,) performers cycle through semi-improvised material. Audience members can come, go, and walk amongst the performers at will.

Sample Four
as we all go together into another night

An outdoor installation for brass and percussion

Performed in Bandemer Park on the 2021 Third Place Musicfest. Uses two Woodie Guthrie songs.

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