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Sample One
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Sample Three
circle songs
the sun warms everything

for social singing and improvisation

A little collection of songs I wrote in residence at the Iowa Lakeside Lab (along with two songs by friends). I've take this songbook out on the town with a group of carolers, as well as played around with some myself with a looper. I'm the singer in this one! Recorded at Brewery Faisan in Detroit.

An acoustic installation, premiered March 2021 online. Written to be performed in a gallery (in this case, the Gallery at 333 Midland in Detroit,) performers cycle through semi-improvised material. Audience members can come, go, and walk amongst the performers at will.

An orchestra piece I wrote for my ensemble, the Regenerate! Orchestra, for an online show this summer. The text is mostly original, with selected excerpts from an English translation of Carmina Burana. The tune is Down at the Levee.Recorded at Ziggy's Bar in Ypsilanti.

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One Additional Score “LOVE BEATS RAIN”

Audio recording links to minute 33 on page 29. I mostly wanted to include one more typeset score for you to look at, because Sample Three does not have one.