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symphony in three movement, 2018.

for the winter solstice.

piece for Girlnoise, 2016.

an immersion for flute, piano, and twelve performers

for early spring

for 65 performers, 2015.

for the vernal equinox,

installation for brass choir and percussion, 2014

for sunset on the autumnal equinox

for saxophone and piano solos, with chamber orchestra, 2014.

for the night of the winter solstice.

opera in one act for ten performers, 2016.

short work for symphony orchestra, 2020.

songs for an audience to learn and sing, 2015.

for late spring.

for chamber orchestra and dancers, 2015

for viola and chamber orchestra, 2015.

songs for an audience to learn and sing, 2018.

for late summer.

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